Basic security

Some basic tips.

Stay in control

Here are the steps you can take to stay in control of your bike, even in an emergency:

  • Make sure your bike is the right size and properly adjusted to suit you.
  • A properly adjusted bike is more comfortable and easier to control.
  • At the store we will help you choose the right size of bike.
  • Make sure your bike is in good working condition by inspecting it regularly.

Protect yourself

Well-fitting helmets provide protection against head trauma.

By law, cyclists under the age of 12 must wear a bicycle helmet when riding on public roads. Outside built-up areas at night, wearing a fluorescent vest is compulsory.

How to wear your helmet properly:


Be visible and alert

Use manual signals before turning or changing lanes to warn traffic around you.

Drive safely

Drive in the same direction as traffic to be more visible to drivers entering the roads or changing lanes in the following scenarios:

  • Pass a vehicle or other bicycle.
  • Prepare to turn left at an intersection.
  • When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle
  • Approaching a right turn.
  • If the road is one-way with two or more lanes.

N.B : In the city of La Rochelle you can borrow the senses prohibited by bike while obviously being very careful and attentive other road users cars pedestrians bikes scooters

Included with every bike rental:

Bike lock
Puncture-proof spay 
Basket/bike bag