Terms of Sales

1. Object


1.1 These general conditions govern the rental of a bicycle, concluded between the GREENBIKE company, hereinafter called "the Lessor" and the subscriber of the rental contract, hereinafter called "the Tenant".

1.2 Any rental implies prior acceptance of these general conditions.

1.3 The customer acknowledges having read these general conditions and expressly accepts them without reservation

1.4 The customer has the option of saving or editing these general conditions, it being specified that these may be subject to modification.

In this case, the applicable general conditions will be those in force:

- in the event of a reservation: when the tenant makes his reservation

- in the event of immediate availability of the equipment: on the date fixed on the rental contract.

1.5 The customer declares to have full legal capacity allowing him to commit himself under the contract.


2 - Conditions required to rent

2.1 The lessor reserves the right to submit the rental to the presentation of a document justifying the identity of the tenant, a copy of which may be kept.

2.2 The tenant declares that he is able to practice cycling and has no medical contraindications. He agrees not to use the bicycle beyond his capacity. The lessor cannot be held responsible for damage due to the tenant's unsuitability.

3 - Reservation

3.1 The lessor will confirm to the customer the acceptance of his reservation by sending a confirmation message to the e-mail address that the latter has communicated or by signing a delivery slip on his part. The rental contract will not be concluded until the signature of both parties.

3.2 The rental company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation:

- to any person who does not meet the conditions required to rent,

- to any person unable to pay the security deposit referred to in the provisions of article 11 hereof,

- if the requested equipment is unavailable.

3.3 The information indicated by the tenant, when entering the information inherent in his reservation commits him.


4 - Withdrawal

4.1 In the case of distance selling, the customer has 14 days from receipt of the reservation confirmation email to exercise their right of withdrawal.

4.2 This right of withdrawal can no longer be exercised if the customer has taken possession of the equipment.

4.3 Any request for withdrawal must be notified to the lessor

4.4 Reimbursement will be made within a maximum period of 14 days from receipt of the request for withdrawal.


5 - Cancellation and modification

5.1 The tenant has the right to cancel his reservation, outside the legal withdrawal period, under the following conditions:

- Up to 15 days before the scheduled possession of the equipment: the price paid during the reservation is fully reimbursed;

- Between 7 and 15 days before the scheduled possession of the equipment: the price paid during the reservation is reimbursed up to 50%;

- Between 3 and 7 days before the planned possession of the equipment: the price paid during the reservation is reimbursed up to 25%;

- Less than 3 days before the planned taking possession of the equipment: the price paid when booking is fully retained by the rental company.

5.2 Any reimbursement will be made within a maximum period of 14 days from receipt of the cancellation request.

5.3 The tenant has the right to modify his reservation, free of charge, subject to informing the lessor at least 48 hours before the start of the rental day. The tenant acknowledges in this regard that new rental prices may apply in particular depending on the date, duration and material chosen.

6 - Effective date and duration of the contract

6.1 The rental contract takes effect when the equipment is made available, after full payment.

6.2 The risks are transferred upon delivery of the bicycle and any accessories to the tenant, who will assume custody of it under his sole responsibility.

6.3 The rental and safekeeping of the equipment ends upon the effective delivery of all the equipment rented in an agency.


7 - Eviction of the lessor

7.1 The rented equipment remains the exclusive property of the renter.

7.2 The equipment cannot be transferred or given as a guarantee


8 - Loan and sublet

8.1 The bicycle and any accessories may only be used by the signatory of the contract, who undertakes not to lend them.

8.2 Subletting equipment is strictly prohibited.


9 - Price and payment

9.1 Rental prices are displayed in the rental agency and on the website www.location-greenbike.coms are determined according to the range of equipment and the rental period chosen.

9.2 The entire service is paid for by the tenant under the following conditions:

- in the event of immediate availability of the equipment: at the time of the conclusion of the rental contract, - in the event of a reservation: at the time of reservation.

9.3 The accepted methods of payment are: check, holiday check, bank card and cash.


10 - Security deposit

10.1 In all cases, when signing the contract, a security deposit may be requested from the tenant on request. The amount of the security deposit is not cashed on this date. It will only be cashed in the event of a breach of an obligation of these general rental conditions noted during the return of the rented equipment. The security deposit will be released at the end of your Rental Agreement in the absence of additional costs.

10.2 It is expressly agreed that the amount of the security deposit in no way constitutes a limit of liability.


11 - Availability

11.1 If there are no bikes available, the rental company reserves the right to refuse any rental request.

11.2 The lessor cannot be held responsible for any delays in making available or delivery, due to any reason beyond its control or their direct or indirect consequences. He is not liable for any compensation in this respect.

11.3 The tenant acknowledges having been personally invited to check the equipment when it is made available. Any reservation on the condition of the equipment must be indicated on the contract when it is signed. In the absence of reservations, the bicycle and any accessories entrusted to it are deemed to be in perfect working and maintenance condition.


12 - Use

12.1 The tenant is required to wear a dress suitable for cycling. Wearing a helmet is highly recommended by the rental company and is compulsory for children under 12 years of age. The rental company declines all responsibility in the event of non-use of the security elements.

12.2 The tenant is authorized to freely use the bicycle, provided that he makes reasonable use of it and in accordance with his destination, which excludes in particular:

- its use on land or in conditions liable to damage the bicycle (prohibition in particular to use the bicycle on beaches),

- any use that could endanger the user or third parties,

- any disassembly or any attempt to disassemble all or part of the bicycle.

12.3 The tenant does not use the bicycle for competitions or tests, even on a private circuit. 12.4 The tenant agrees to use the rented thing with caution.

12.5 The tenant agrees to scrupulously respect the highway code. It is strictly forbidden to use the bicycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or for illicit purposes.

12.6 In general, the tenant agrees to comply with all of the legal and regulatory obligations in force.

12.7 The tenant is prohibited:

- modify the cycle and its accessories and / or make repairs,

- to transport a passenger, with the exception of a small child, provided that it is installed in an approved seat.

12.8 When parking equipment on public roads, the tenant agrees to systematically attach the frame of his bike to a fixed support (barrier type), with an anti-theft device.


13 - Maintenance

13.1 Thecosts related to normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the renter.

13.2 Bike maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant for the duration of the contract. Maintenance is understood to mean any intervention that does not require the replacement of a part (e.g. tire inflation, tightening of fasteners, etc.).

14 - Repair

14.1 In case of need for repair during the rental, the tenant must

- immediately stop using the equipment,

- notify the lessor immediately (and, in any event, within a maximum of 24 hours),

- do not carry out repairs on the bike itself

- pay for the parts and labor necessary for the repair (excluding repairs related to normal wear and tear).

14.2 The customer acknowledges having read the prices for spare parts and invoiced services displayed in the bicycle rental point. The rates applied are those in effect at the time of the repairs.

14.3 Only the lessor is able to judge whether a repair:

- falls under maintenance due to normal wear and tear on the bicycle and is therefore the responsibility of the renter,

- or if the repair is due to damage to the equipment during the rental and is therefore the responsibility of the tenant.

14.4 The lessee may not claim damages for disturbance of use or immobilization of the bicycle in the event of repair.

15 - Return of the bicycle

15.1 The bicycle must imperatively be returned by the tenant on the contractual deadline. If the tenant wishes to extend the rental, a new contract must be drawn up at the agency. Any late return will be invoiced (Half-day rate X number of half-days late).

15.2 The tenant agrees to return the equipment (bike and any accessories) in a condition identical to that in which he found it, in good condition for maintenance and operation. In case of return of equipment in poor condition, the tenant must pay the amount of the repair. For security reasons, the tenant agrees to report to the lessor the shocks suffered by the helmets.

15.3 The rented equipment must be returned in good condition. Otherwise, cleaning may be invoiced (10 euros).

16 - Termination

16.1 In the event of one of the parties failing to fulfill their contractual obligations, the other party is entitled to terminate the rental agreement at any time without notice or compensation.

16.2 The tenant must immediately return the bicycle and any accessories to the rental company, in good condition for maintenance and operation.

16.3 Until returned, the customer remains responsible for the equipment he has in his possession and the obligations incumbent on him pursuant to these terms.


17 - Responsibilities

17.1 The tenant bears the consequences of breaches of the highway code or any other regulations in force which are attributable to him and will reimburse the renter for any costs of this nature possibly paid in his place.

17.2 He is responsible for the damage suffered by the equipment and / or bodily injury or equipment damage caused during the use of the hired equipment in his care, following his awkwardness, negligence, fault or related to use improper.

17.3 In the event of theft, a declaration to the police or gendarmerie must be made by the tenant within 24 hours and the lessor must be immediately notified. If the tenant has a complaint, the renter will issue an invoice, in an amount equal to the new value of a bicycle with the same technical characteristics, in the name of the tenant, so that he can use his insurance . The amount will be returned to the tenant if the bike is found in good working condition, after deduction of any repairs. If the tenant does not justify a complaint, the payment equal to the new value of a bike with the same technical characteristics will be due immediately. Otherwise, the lessor reserves the right to initiate all proceedings, including legal proceedings, to obtain payment

17.4 In the event of theft by the tenant, the renter reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities and to take legal action against the tenant, in order to obtain compensation for his loss.

17.5 The lessor is bound by the guarantee for hidden defects in the rented equipment.

18 - Insurance

18.1 The tenant declares to have taken out individual civil liability insurance, and undertakes to present a certificate on first request.

18.2 This insurance may be engaged in the event of theft, loss, damage and for all of the damage that the lessee may cause during the use and possession of the bicycle, until the return of the bicycle. - here at the rental point.

18.3 The tenant can reduce his financial responsibility in case of damage, theft or fire by taking out, prior to taking possession of the equipment, the optional insurance offered by the renter.

18.4 The lessor is insured for his professional civil liability with the insurance company. GAN INSURANCES LA ROCHELLE OCEAN Upon simple request, a certificate of insurance will be given to the tenant.


19 - Settlement of disputes

19.1 This rental contract (specific provisions and general provisions) is subject to French law.

19.2 After an unsuccessful attempt at an amicable settlement with the lessor, the tenant has the right to have free use of the MEDICYS mediator service.

Website: www.medicys.fr

Postal address: 73, Boulevard de Clichy 75009 PARIS.


Phone number: 01 49 70 15 93